Free Kimchi Tuesdays at Arirang (Limited time only)

For a limited time only, every Tuesday is Free Kimchi day at Arirang Korean Barbecue! We are giving away the quintessential Korean dish for free with every main menu meal ordered.

Kimchi is a super food chock full of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, and C and most importantly healthy probiotic bacteria. It is eaten with every meal in Korea (including breakfast) and is their national dish.

Kimchi is so important in Korea that most Korean households have a dedicated fridge to store this superfood at home!

Try this super food for a super you! Enjoy Kimchi for free on Tuesdays at any of our outlets (excluding the city restaurant and raine square)

Start Date – 21/02/2017

Free Kimchi Tuesdays at Arirang
Free Kimchi Tuesdays at Arirang


Arirang Korean Cuisine / February 16, 2017