Spread the BBQ Goodness!

Food in Korea is a way of life, our signature dish Bibimbap evolved from being able to feed the masses with very little. Arirang was the first to bring Korean cuisine to Perth and now has created a business model that could be systematically replicated around Australia. At Arirang we aim to not only introduce Australia to Korean food but also Korean culture, from K-pop to Korean dramas, we have a passion for introducing Australians to this rich and historical culture.

As a family business Arirang treats its partners like a part of the family and prides itself on providing authentic Korean food with a slight twist for the Australian market. Now with 6 outlets in Perth including a Barbecue Restaurant and new Asian themed café at Edith Cowan University, Arirang is set to experience rapid growth in Australia.

Bibimbap, which literally means “mixed rice” in Korean is a traditional Korean dish which incorporates rice, vegetables, sauces, meats and eggs all mixed together into a delicious concoction of flavour and nutrition. It is often associated with the Korean city of Jeonju, and it is believed that it has been a central part of Korean cuisine since the 19th century. While the exact ingredients of bibimbap can vary widely, at Arirang we offer customers the choice of their meat which is seasoned and flavoured and added to a variety of vegetables such as carrots, bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, mushrooms and cabbage which are all expertly prepared according to the traditional Korean recipe.

It is our core menu item along with our range of Korean barbecue meats, Korean fried chicken, Korean soups and Ramen.

So if you have experience running a small business or have a burning desire to run your own business, contact us if you also share our family values, passion for Korean food and a great work ethic contact us here.