Franchise Opportunities

Arirang Korean Barbecue Allendale

Arirang is looking for dedicated families or individuals who dream of owning their own business and are passionate about Korean food to help build our Korean barbecue franchise business, we believe we have a suitable and successful model for an owner-operator. To find out more information download our franchise information kit, or contact



Royalties – 5% of gross

Marketing Fees – 2% of gross


Franchise Location Details

Carousel, Morley, ECU Joondalup, Allendale Square (Joint Ownership, Part Ownership is possible)

New Locations


Franchise Marketing support

Our marketing team provides support for national initiatives including media campaigns, PR activities, social media, in-store collateral and menuboards.

our marketing services include but is not limited to –

•           Menu design and concept

•           New Menu and Seasonal Promotions

•           Competitions

•           Design of print material, signage

•           Social media management

•           Advertising and promotional campaigns

•           Public relations

•           Events Marketing


Franchise Training provided

Core to our model is to make sure that you are adequately trained in all aspects of the store, we do this by having you work with our top managers at one of our Perth locations for a 4-week period. During this period, you will learn everything there is to know about running a store from rostering, dealing with employees, food preparation, presentation standards, supply ordering, customer service, using the POS system and much, much, more. In addition to this training we also provide support once you move into your own store by having one of our experienced managers work side by side to help start up the store. In the case of an owner operator couple we can extend our training and help onboard you into the team.



No specific skills are required! You just have to love food, love people and love customer service!
It would be helpful if you have experience in operating a small business, or have managed a team of people.


About the Opportunity

Our model is advantageous in many ways with many core functions handled by head office, experience in operating a business is not required.

We assist and provide help to

• Secure a location and negotiate lease

• Complete fit out designs and build

• Obtain all licenses and paper work

• Fully setup the Point of Sale system

Combined with low skill requirements, low labour costs, a simple and easy to use system and quality training make Arirang an attractive option to dedicated owner-operators and families who dream of owning their own business.



Arirang Korean Barbecue opened in Perth, WA in 1999. Created by the Yu family who emigrated to Perth in search of a better life with the simple idea and passion to bring their love of Korean food and culture to Australia. This was the beginning of WA’s first Korean Barbecue Restaurant! 18 years later Arirang Korean Barbecue continues to serve a mix of traditional Korean dishes and modern fusion. Arirang’s focus is in serving authentic Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi as well as modern street food such as Korean Fried Chicken, Cupbap and Ramen using locally sourced and fresh produce. Arirang Korean Barbecue Restaurant is located on Barrack Street in the Perth, with food court and cafe outlets around WA. Our passion for Korean food is as strong as ever and we will continue to deliver the best in Korean food in WA.


Food Court Franchise
Arirang Australia currently operates 4 food court franchise businesses located at Allendale Square, Carousel, Morley Galleria, and Edith Cowan University Campus in Joondalup. The food court business is centred around the signature Korean dish of Bibimbap and provides shoppers with a tasty, healthy and interesting alternative to the standard food court fare.


Arirang prepares and provides Korean meals, Korean BBQ meats like Bulgogi, Korean Soups and now Kimchi to local cafes and Asian markets. In 2018 we will be launching a Kimchi brand and selling via good Asian and Korean supermarkets across Australia


Arirang Cha Ung Yu Prizes in Korean Studies
As part of Arirang Australia’s commitment not only to Korean food but the advancement of Korean culture in Australia and our links to the Western Australian Community, every year two UWA Korean students with excellent grades are awarded two separate prizes by Arirang founder, Mr Cha Ung Yu. These prizes are awarded based on academic merit and reward students enrolled in Korean Studies at UWA.


As part of the Korean New Year celebration, Arirang Korean Barbecue holds a special event serving up around 200 bowls of traditional rice cake soup for free to the Perth community.
As part of the event we also ask guests for a small gold coin donation to support a local charity, last year Arirang donated proceeds to Manna Perth, a homeless meal charity which enabled them to purchase over 50 meals for homeless people in Perth.

Arirang Korean Cuisine / November 23, 2017