Australia’s Biggest Bibimbap Food Challenge

Bibimbap Challenge

Arirang Korean Barbecue Restaurant, located on 91/93 Barrack Street in the Perth CBD is launching a new food challenge. It is the largest Bibimbap in Australia and is sure to test the stomachs of all potential challengers!

Our giant Bibimbap tips the scales at a whopping 1.8kg, and contains white rice, beef bulgogi, bean sprouts, mushrooms, zucchini, lettuce, and carrot topped off with 5 fried eggs and 5 – 6 tablespoons of gochujang (Korean chilli paste). Challengers will pay $49 to take on our big Bibimbap who will then have 15 minutes to devour the massive bowl. If successful, customers will eat for free and also win a $50 gift voucher for our Korean Barbecue Restaurant. Customers are encouraged to take a photo of their effort and hashtag #bibimbapchallenge to @arirangaustralia.

Pronounced ‘bee-bim-bap’, Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish of rice topped with fresh and cooked vegetables, Korean barbecue bulgogi beef, a fried egg on top and served with a Korean chilli paste called gochujang. The word bap refers in Korean to rice and the word ‘bibim’ means ‘mixed’ so it literally means mixed rice. Bibimbap is a well-documented national dish of South Korea.

If you are interested in taking on the beast, then booking ahead is advised!

What: Arirang Korean Barbecue Bibimbap Challenge

Cost: $49

Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Prize: If completed successfully – eat for free and also receive a $50 gift voucher.

When: Begins Wednesday 29/03/2017; Limited time only.

Where: Arirang Korean Barbecue Restaurant, 91 – 93 Barrack Street, Perth WA

Bookings: Essential; Book Now Here



Arirang Korean Cuisine / March 28, 2017