Celebrate the Lunar New Year at Arirang with our Special Seollal Set!

Lunar New Year, often just referred to as Chinese New Year here in Australia is also a significant time for Koreans and us here at Arirang. Known as Seollal, Korean New Year is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays. It consists of a period of celebrations, starting on New Year’s Eve. The Korean New Year holidays last three days with this years mainly celebration occurring on January 28 2017.

in South Korea, the festival centers on family reunions, food and placating the ancestors.

Since the Korean focus is starting the New Year by reconnecting with family and ancestors, the most ceremonial ritual on New Year’s Day is seh bae (a deep bow to the floor). Traditionally, families would begin by doing seh bae to deceased ancestors and making food and drink offerings to the spirits of ancestors.

Depending on the family, the seh bae time may just instead start with grown-ups and children bowing and paying respect to their elders, beginning with deep bows to the oldest living generation. Children receive gifts of money and words of wisdom for the New Year, and everyone wishes each other blessings for the New Year.

After seh bae, the traditional New Year’s meal is a soup of thinly sliced rice cakes (Deok Guk). Because everyone turns a year older with the start of each New Year (and not on their birthday), many people tell their children that they can’t get older unless they’ve eaten some deok guk. Some type of deok (rice cakes, ttuk or tteok) is enjoyed at every important Korean celebration, and the white rice cakes in the soup represent a clean start and new beginning for the New Year. Visit here for more information on Seollal

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, We have prepared a special set menu to share the Korean new year traditions which will be available during the Lunar New Year period from 27 Jan 2017 until 3rd Feb 2017, So come and join us this year for Lunar New Year!

Book online now and mention that you want to order the Seollal Set, These sets are meant for a table of 4 or more to enjoy. 


Seollal Set (4 or More) – $30 Per Person (20% Saving!)

Fried Mandu (To Share)

Bulgogi Barbecue Set including Lettuce, Sauces, Rice and Side Dishes (4 or more)

Deok Guk (To Share) – To make sure you all age one year!

Kimchi Pancake (To Share)

Shikhye – Korean Sweet Rice Drink drunk after meals to help digestion(4 or More)


Bulgogi Barbecue - Lunar New Year

Arirang Korean Cuisine / January 5, 2017