Thank You! Arirang Patrons Raise over $250 for Homeless Charity Manna

As part of the Korean New Year celebration, Arirang Korean Barbecue held a special event on January 29 2017. The event served up around 200 bowls of traditional rice cake soup for free and was well supported by the Perth community.

A Huge thanks to all those that supported our recent Seollal Event, In particular to Perth Madang and KoreaToday for their support of the event and to all of our patrons on the day!

Also a massive thank you to all those who donated to Manna Perth we were able to raise $260 which equates to just over 50 meals for the homeless! Well done Perth! <3

We will continue to keep donation boxes at the restaurant in continued support of Manna.



Manna Fundraising at Arirang

Arirang Korean Cuisine / February 12, 2017