Arirang Lunar New Year Free Ddeokguk Event! (2017년 아리랑 설날 이벤트)

Arirang Rice Cake Soup Poste
Lunar New Year, often just referred to as Chinese New Year here in Australia is also a significant time for Koreans and at Arirang. Known as Seollal, Korean New Year is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. One of the most important aspects of the Korean new year is the eating of a traditional soup called “”Ddeokguk”” or Rice Cake Soup. A traditional Korean soup made with rice cakes in a unique broth, having a bowl of this soup on New Year’s symbolizes getting a year older.
For Koreans it’s just not the new year without having a bowl (and getting a year older) so this year to celebrate this tradition – Arirang Korean Barbecue Restaurant will be offering free Ddeokguk to everyone at our City Restaurant (91 – 93 Barrack Street) on Sunday January 29 from 12pm – 3pm. During this period we will not be taking any other orders so we ask for your understanding.
This is a great opportunity for the people of Perth to experience a taste of Korean cuisine and tradition. It is also a great opportunity for the Korean community in Perth to get a taste of home during the holiday period while they are obviously unable to spend it with their families in Korea.
While we are preparing as much as we can, there will be a limited amount (300 Bowls) so we will be running the event until the last bowl!
Regular service will resume at Arirang restaurant from 5pm onwards.
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 Arirang Korean Barbecue - 아리랑 한식당 설날 이벤트
올해 떡국 드셨는지요?
해외에서 설날에 떡국 드시기 힘드시죠? 타지에서 고생하시면서 설날에 떡국 챙겨드시기 힘든 분들을 위해 준비했습니다.
퍼스 한식당 아리랑에서 설날에 대해 더욱 알리자는 취지로 1월 29일 일요일 12시부터 3시까지 무료 떡국을 제공합니다.
이 시간동안 다른 메뉴는 제공되지 않으니 양해 부탁드립니다.
한국 교민분들 포함 퍼스에 계시는 모든 분들께 한국의 맛과 전통을 알리는 계기가 되었으면 합니다.
넉넉히 준비하여 3시까지 오시는 모든 분들께 제공할 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다 (300그릇 준비합니다)
5시부터는 정상적으로 영업합니다
Arirang Korean Cuisine / January 12, 2017