Arirang Korean Barbecue Valentine’s Day Sets

Arirang Korean Barbecue presents our Valentine’s Day Sets. Yes love is in the air once again and whether you have a partner or not, why not share in the love that is Korean Barbecue – heck why not just have a date with Korean barbecue! Nothing says “I love you” more than sharing the gift of Korean barbecue, seriously if you are willing to share our barbecue meats then it must be love!

Choose between two carefully curated valentine’s day sets –

I Wag-Yu Set (Get it?) – $50 Per Person (Minimum of Two)

Street Food Platter to Share  A set of authentic Korean street food including Rice Sticks, Mandu (Korean Dumplings) and our signature Fried Honey Chicken.

Wagyu Barbecue SetA superb cut of wagyu beef, with the perfect marbling. Barbecue sets come with seasoned vegetables, kimchi, miso and rice for two

Green Tea Ice Cream Dessert to Share – House made premium Korean green tea ice cream dessert




Surf and Turf Set – $40 Per Person

Korean Dumplings To Share – Seasoned Pork and Vegetable Dumplings known as Mandu, fried and served crisp.

Salt and Pepper Squid To Share – Fresh and tender squid lightly dusted in a Korean styled batter and fried.

Meat and Seafood Barbecue Set – For those who can’t decide we provide a selection of fresh WA seafood and 3 styles of our Korean barbecue meats. Barbecue sets come with seasoned vegetables, kimchi, miso and rice for two.

Red Bean Ice Cream Dessert to Share – House made premium red bean ice cream dessert


Bookings are preferred but if you forgot to organize something then we don’t mind walk-ins either! Available only at Arirang Korean Barbecue in the city.


Arirang Korean Barbecue Valentines Day Set Menu

Arirang Korean Cuisine / February 7, 2017