Arirang Restaurant Review in Australia’s Largest Chinese Newspaper the Epoch Times

Arirang was visited recently by the Epoch Times for a restaurant review. The team from Epoch sampled a mix of dishes from our new fusion menu and barbecue classics. Arirang has been open in Perth since 1999 and is the oldest establish Korean restaurant in Perth. This long tradition was a focus of the review by Epoch who sampled some of our classic menu dishes which we have been serving for almost 18 years.

The team tasted our new Cheese Buldak (Fire Chicken and Cheese) and Korean Cocktails, while also trying our Bulgogi Beef Hotpot and classic 3-Layered Pork Belly Barbecue. They also sampled the classic dish Bibimbap and our traditional Banchan (Small Side Dishes). Arirang would like to thank the Epoch Times for selecting our restaurant for a review.

Arirang Review in the Epoch Times

The link to the entire article is found here – or you can find it in the most recent print of the newspaper available from Asian grocery outlets and restaurants around Perth.

The Epoch Times is the largest Chinese media outside China. It’s most influential Chinese media as well as the widest distributed Chinese newspaper in Australia. It publishes 12,000 copies in Perth weekly. It brings uncensored China news and also local information about politics, business and life to Chinese community.

Arirang Korean Cuisine / December 12, 2016