Arirang Launches Korean Street Food – Cupdak! (Fried Chicken in a Cup)

One of the best things about Seoul is walking down one of the famous ‘eating streets’ lined with hawker style vendors selling an array of colourful, spicy and flavoursome food. One of those street food items is Cupdak (컵닭) literally a Fried Chicken Cup. Arirang Belmont will be serving our version of Cupdak, with our double fried chicken coated in a sweet chilli or honey soy marinade, served with potato gems and a house-made honey garlic mayonnaise. Try one today at Belmont Forum, Westfield Carousel or Morley Galleria for just $9.90!

Cupdak will be available from Monday 06/03/2017.

Available for a limited time only.


Cupdak at Arirang Belmont

Arirang Korean Cuisine / March 2, 2017